Bekro Wax Dye 60-1107- Purple

Bekro Wax Dye 60-1107- Purple

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Bekro, an industry leader in wax dyes, are loved by professionals around the world as they are highly concentrated with a consistent colour batch on batch.

  • Suitable to use in wax melts or candles
  • Add to wax at 70ºC+
  • Use approx. 1-2g per kilo of wax depending on the depth of the colour you wish to achieve. Due to the nature of Vegetable wax, you may need slightly more to achieve a darker colour should you desire. (Test..Test..Test!)
  • Be sure all dye is fully dissolved by mixing well.
  • Get creative! - The dye can be mixed to create custom colours


Please note:

Colours shown are for reference only. The image colour on your screen may vary from the finished product based on the type of wax and the amount of dye used. 

The colour of the solid dye may look different from the colour it will produce in wax due to its highly concentrated nature. The dye will also come in different forms such as pellets/flakes or thick plates. This is down to the machine used in production but the format does not affect the final colour.

You should wear appropriate PPE when handling this product, not limited to mask, gloves and eye protection.

 It is the users responsibility to test the results you will get from the method you have chosen to use before commencing any type of bulk production or making a bulk purchase. Test..Test..Test! Just make sure you have fun along the way :)